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User Testimonials

  • "Thank you so much for a great product [Music Liberator] that really saved me when I switched from one computer to another. Apple offers no support whatsoever, and this program is sorely needed."

  • "I received a very quick and personal response when I e-mailed with a support question. Clearly, Zelek Software stands behind its products and has set customer satisfaction and product quality as high priorities."

  • "Thank you very, very much! You saved me hundreds of dollars when I forgot to backup my iTunes songs and formatted my hard drive!"

    -Mike San Ramon, California
  • "I'm so glad I found your software. Well worth the price for all the time it would take to acquire and put all 3,000 songs back on my computer. I almost cried when I had to format my hard drives and lost ALL my music. THANK YOU!!!"

  • "I love it when a program is kept simple and does EXACTLY what company says it will. Your product does only one thing, but it does it extremely well!"

  • "Great product. I'm about to send my iPod off for repair and don't have it backed up. Saved me hours of frustration!"

  • "Thank you SO much for this simple, intuitive program. I went through a plethora of bad programs before I came to yours. One click, and you saved my 1500 songs. Thank you!"

    -Matt, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Thank you sooo much, you guys are the best ... and your software [the Music Liberator] is absolutely amazing.

  • "The hard disk on my pc blew. The only backup of my music was on the iPod so I asked Apple support how I could copy my music from the iPod to my pc. They pointed me to the iPod Music Liberator."

  • "Thank you for the prompt and very clear explanation! We're really glad you guys offer this software, as we suffered a crash and have 2 iPods loaded with songs we want to restore onto the hard drive."

    -Donna Hinsdale, Illinois
  • "Thank you. I LOVE good customer service, this purchase will be an easy one."

    -Julian, Aviano Air Force Base, Italy
  • "Thanks for a sanity-saving program."

    -Craig, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • "My computer had crashed and I got a new hard drive. Unfortunately, Itunes would erase everything if not for this software. I was able to save all 1200 of my songs by using the music liberator. Its awesome. Thanks again!"

    -Christie, Florida
  • "I have bought the [Liberator] for the iPod and it works brilliantly - so simple to use."

    -Trevor, Lymingtonin the county of Hampshire, England
  • I rarely find shareware applications I like enough to buy. But at this price and how flawlessly it works, well worth the money!

    -Adam, North Carolina
  • "So far, I think I have only one reaction to Liberator and you: Bless you!"

    -Bob, St.Louis, Missouri
  • "I LOVED the iPod Music Liberator! I am not a very technologically savvy person, but even I found it VERY easy! THANK YOU!"

    -Kelly, Solon, Iowa
  • "I was a new computer user when something went wrong with my computer. Thank You for saving me all of my audio books and music, ZELEK SOFTWARE YOU ARE THE GREATEST!"

    -James, San Jose, California
  • "The software worked exactly as advertised. Thank you for producing such a great product!"

    -Michael, Los Angeles, California
  • Excellent, [the Music Liberator] worked like a charm! This is just what I wanted - as I bought a new computer.

    -Andreas, Montreal, Quebec
  • "I just want to thank you for all your help. I was so scared to lose all my music on my iPod and you came along and saved the day. You have an excellent bit of software and will always recommend you in the future to friends and family"

    -Lloyd, Dublin, Ireland
  • "Thanks for saving my life. I am saving my iPod music after my hard drive crash with iPod Music Liberator."

    -Delft, Netherlands
  • "Thank you so much. I had a laptop stolen from me and with it 9,570 songs. Without you guys, I would have lost 4,000 purchased songs. The program is simple to use, workable, and a complete lifesaver."

    -John, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • "My laptop crashed and no data was retrievable. I had all songs on the IPOD and was able to transfer them to my PC. What a savior!"

    -Bull, Concord, California
  • "Thank you so much for creating this solution, it will save me 24 hours of hard work after this past ipod software bug deleting all of my files!"

  • "Great product to help me rebuild my music after one of the kids "accidentally" erased all my music files from the hard drive."

  • "You guys rock! I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to download my iPod onto my computer. Totally legit. Changed computers. Stayed up until 4am. This morning, my friend recommended I try you guys. And in less than 30 minutes, I had 3,000 songs on my itunes."

    -Kristine, San Francisco
  • "Thank you! The program worked out great! I was able to recover all of my music before the iPOD crashed. It is nice when something works like it was advertised."

    -Mike, Huntington Beach, California
  • "Your software worked and saved our lives. My daughters dance music, a few years worth, was deleted by a on line spoof over comcast. I had a backup for half the music but not all of it. Much of it could not be replaced. Your software did a good job."

    -Jacqueline, Massachusetts
  • "What you have done with the ipod liberator is brilliant!!! I commend you for creating this software."

    -Sonic, Las Vegas
  • "I really want to thank you for your excellent customer care, as I said I am no techno but with your help I now have all my iPOD tracks safely transferred. Your product is tremendous, and you are a credit to your organization. Once again thanks."

    -Jim, Scotland
  • "My Mac has had a HD failure so I'm delighted to find your software to recover my music from my iPod, Thanks a lot!"

    -Wilson, Germany
  • "Eureka! It works as promised! Thank you for all you help in solving this mess. Again, thanks for your help and great customer service."

  • "Thank you for the great service and product. You saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation in trying to figure out how to take my music from three different Macs and put it all on one pc. It worked!"

    -Ed, Austin, Texas
  • "I have used your produce twice when my iPod crashed and it has worked great. Reinstalled my music without a problem."

    -John, Washington
  • "I just want to tell you how grateful I am for your product! It really works! Saved me SO MUCH time and energy! Well worth the price and then some! Thanks so much!"

    -Evan, Manhattan, New York City
  • "The software worked great. It saved 700+ songs that I had lost from iTunes when my hard drive completely melted down. Prior to that, I always thought that the iPod was my back up for iTunes and visa versa much like a palm pilot. Not so. Your software really came through and thank you for the great support."

    -Alan, Florida
  • "THANK YOU! Your product worked as I hoped it would. I was able to recover the music from the IPOD and reinstall to my new hard drive."

    -Philip, Columbus, Ohio
  • "All my songs were on my laptop, then it crashed, now i can finally put them on my new desktop. Thanks!!!!"

    -Juan, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Hey -- Just wanted to offer kudos for your great product!! We had just purchased the iPod, intending to run playlists from it for our upcoming wedding. Then we realized that my carefully mixed and crossfaded iTunes playlists did not transport with my editions to the iPod. Our next solution was to plan to run the music from a laptop at the wedding, but our iTunes library was stored on a main (non-laptop) computer. We had understood that the iPod could be used to transfer iTunes from one computer to the other, but not without additional software, as we quickly learned. A Google search took us to your website, and your product easily solved our problem. So thank you very much!!"

    -Beth and Gary, Tucson, Arizona
  • "I've tried so many programs that have promised to transfer my songs from my ipod to my computer, and none have worked because I use a mac. After months of looking and trying, this is the only one that has worked."

    -Greg, California
  • "Mission accomplished. Transferred PC iTunes to a new Mac. Apple has many PC converts because of iPods. They must all have this dilemma with their old PC iTune library."

    -Luis, Sydney, Australia
  • "After purchasing your iPod Music Liberator I was successfully able to transfer back my entire music library from my iPod back to my hard drive on my Mac. I really appreciate this program as it not only restored my music files, but it also restored my piece of mind! Thank you!"

    -Doug, Boston, Massachusetts
  • "Fantastic. The Liberator really did work and the e-mail support I received was great."

    -Jean, New York City
  • "Thanks so much! The program rocks. My hard drive died after trying to install a new PCI card and I lost all my music. I am almost done transferring everything back to iTunes now. Thank you so much for this program."

    -Dara, Vermont
  • "THANKS for a GREAT product! Now I have all my music and personal files from my 30gig ipod - 17 gigs worth - backed up to dvds. THANKS again!"

    -Gary, La Verne, California
  • "Your software is great and your service even better. In a not so perfect world you guys sure put in the effort."

    -Bob from Connecticut
  • "My backup hard drive in one of my network computers crashed - it was the one that I used for storing my iPod music backups. Needless to say, I was terrified. After reading about your program on, I decided to try it. It was the best investment. Your program saved me countless hours of work having to re-rip over 700 songs, not to mention the purchased music and videos that I would have lost! Your program was worth every penny. And it was super fast too!" I am going to tell everyone I know about this program. Thank you! Thanks you! Thank you!"

    -Mona, Valdosta, Georgia
  • "I just purchased the ipod Music Liberator and I'm so glad that it worked! My computer recently crashed and I was worried I was going to lose all of my music! Thanks so much I'll definitely recommend you to everyone I know!"

  • "I recently purchased your iPod Music Liberator tool. I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure to use! It's really a treat to get something that just 'works' when you use it. I will recommend this to my other friends and co-workers that use iPods as well. Keep up the great work!"

    -Evan, Chicago, Illinois
  • "Killer app! Thanks for developing it!"

    -Aaron, San Francisco, California
  • "I would like to start by telling you that your product is a life saver and I can't express my gratitude for it. Many a time it has helped me recover my music library with little to no pain or suffering."

  • "You guys rock! After a very unsuccessful switch to a new computer I couldn't get my Ipod back in working order and had lost many files. A friend saw a review in a tech mag and I thought why not? In less than an hour almost 3000 songs were restored to Itunes in perfect condition. Thank You, I am spreading the good word."

    -Eric, Washington, DC
  • "This saved my Music! I just now finished copying and importing and I didn't lose a song or video!"

    -Jeff, Baltimore
  • "iPod Music Liberator downloaded all my files and playlists flawlessly and quickly. I have music again. Thanks!"

    -Dion, Toronto
  • "Just a quick note to say thanks and how pleased I am with the iPod Music Liberator. The software is excellent, as was the prompt service from Zelek Software. iPod Music Liberator is easy to use, effective and versatile. All done in a few minutes and every track restored perfectly. I was dreading the lenghty and expensive alternative of re-downloading tracks and re-copying my CDs and am very relieved. Thank you very much and I will certainly use this again if needed and recommend to friends."

    -Andy, London, United Kingdom
  • "I want to thank the management team at Zelek Software for creating and supporting a business model that provides your customers with some of the best - most responsive support I have seen in years. As an Information Technology professional that has managed internal IT support teams for Fortune 100 & 500 companies your company goes beyond the normal model that is generally offered to customers in this age of "managing cost". Not only do you have a stellar product - you stand behind it - bravo!"

    -Cliff, Berkley, California
  • "Want to thank you SO MUCH for thinking of this! My hard drive died and I worried I would have to manually re-load over 10GB of music. Much appreciated!"

    -Kate, United Kingdom
  • "This is the best thing for iPod users. My hard drive crashed on my pc and I thought I lost all my songs. Thanks to the Liberator I don't have to import all the cds again."

  • "Thank you for a really great product, that actually does what is promised! You saved the day for me, when my hard drive crashed. With your product I was able to get the 3,000 plus items back. In a very quick and easy way thanks to the liberator."

    -Edward, Chicago
  • "What a star, saved my reputation with the kids. My son wrecked his ipod and luckily I used the iPod Music Liberator last week to save his tunes. Dead easy to use - thanks alot."

    -Nick, United Kingdom
  • "I purchased a new ipod and laptop so wanted to transfer my music from the old pc to the new laptop and iPod iTunes have a way you can do it but despite trying for nearly two hours I just couldn't get it to work or the iTunes files recognized in my new iTunes program enter Music Liberator. And hey presto, within 30 minutes I had not only transferred over 4,200 tracks but also the play lists I had set up in the old iTunes. Absolutely perfect!"

    -Roger, United Kingdom
  • "The iPod Music Liberator program is great!!! My computer crashed and deleted iTunes and the iTunes website has no help for getting it back. There was a link to your software on the message boards on iTunes, and it worked great! I redownloaded iTunes after using your software and it got all my music back! You saved me about 2 weeks of work of reloading the cds to my compyter."

    -Lisa, Albany, Georgia
  • "Your software was everything you promised. It worked absolutely beautifully, without a hitch. My daughter's entire purchased iTunes collection was left only on her iPod when her hard drive crashed. Now she knows to back up, but this saved the day. Glad it was there and it worked so well. I have been talking up a storm about it."

    -John, Fullerton, California
  • "I followed your instructions and voila! I now have iPod liberation! It's seems like such a rare and wonderful event these days to contact tech support, receive a prompt answer, get a solution that works perfectly."

    -Jeannette, Texas
  • "Thank you so much. I wanted to let you know that I always recommend your software to people. It is the best thing ever. My computers keep crashing so iPod Liberator has been a lifesaver."

  • "Thanks for the prompt reply. I downloaded the current software release, offloaded everything from my iPod and migrated it to a new home on a new hard drive, then got it all back in iTunes without missing a beat. That's what I like: - software that's simple, does what it's supposed to do and does it without a hitch. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks for continuing to make Music Liberator a first-class program and essential for anybody who's got a iPod."

  • "Works just the way it is supposed to...don't bother with the others."

    -Ken, Colorado
  • "Your Music Liberator program worked well. I am not computer savvy and if I can load all my songs from my iPod back onto my eMac, after my hard drive crashed, anybody can. It is a very easy program to use!"

    -John, Fiji Islands
  • "I heard about your company through an Apple employee. lol Thank you so much for saving my music with the Music Liberator! I appreciate the fact that customer service responded quickly to all of my questions and walked me through the downloading process. Your software is well worth every penny. Excellent customer service!"

    -Eve, Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • "The Music Liberator did exactly what it said it would do both simply and efficiently. I have and will continue to recommend it to all my friends and colleagues."

    -Dave, Leicestershire, England
  • "The Music Liberator is great! Easy to use and does what it claims."

    -Sarah, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Thank you for your help, this has been the best online help I have received from any product."

    -Adam, Dallas, Texas
  • "I purchased the Artwork Locator and it's AMAZING,I was able to find covers for cd's I purchased overseas, and the speed to find and download them it's incredible. AGAIN a big ttthhhaaannnkkksss for your products!"

    -Gerry, Rochelle, New York
  • "Great software! Even though iTunes has the automatic artwork feature it fails to find all the missing artwork that your [Artwork Locator] app locates."

    -Mark, Carnation, Washington
  • "The Artwork Locator is the best iTunes Art app i could find, and believe me, I've looked!"

    -Vincent, New York, New York
  • "For some odd reason, it's been impossible for iTunes on my iMac, to download Album Artworks, no matter what settings I choose, which iTunes Store I am logged onto, etc. I found Zelek Software from surfing the Internet, paid my US $25.00 and within an hour had ALL my Albums in iTunes sporting their Album Artworks: all very simple and very effective, excellent!"

    -Phil, Barcelona, Spain
  • "I love the Artwork Locator, I have over 25,000 songs. I had an external hard drive that crashed. Reloading to iTunes, I lost about 60-70% of my artwork. This program recovered (AND EMBEDDED) all but 26 albums. I tried three programs prior to finding Artwork Locator, none of the others worked as well."

    -Byron, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • "Hi, I've been looking for software which can find my missing iTunes artwork for a very long time and the Album Artwork Locater has solved the problem, always finding the missing artwork. The price is great too. Other programs cost a lot and do little. Album Artwork Locater is superior. Ringy Dingy is excellent too, enabling me to have unique ringtones for my iPhone, ringtones that otherwise are not available for the iPhone. I can recommend Zelek Software any day. It is cheap, simple and user friendly, better than costly, complicated software provided by other providers. I'm going to get the Music Liberator next."

    -Michael, Zurich, Switzerland
  • "What a great program, finally after lots of grief I have all my pictures back in my iPhoto."

    -Leanne, Sydney, Australia
  • "Photos recovered and all is well. Your software saved 5 precious photos from my son's birth 4 years ago. Thank you! Most worthwhile software I have ever bought. Worth the money."

    -Chris, Singapore
  • "Just a note to tell you how grateful I am for your program.

    My daughter got married in April - lots of photos - all put onto my computer and luckily, my iPod. Disaster struck when my computer died - I lost all the photos. I still had them on the iPod, but had no idea how to get them back on to the computer. When I reinstated iTunes, I pressed the wrong button and lost all my music, so you can understand how scared I was that I would lose my only remaining photos, too.

    Someone on the iPod website recommended your program, so I bought it. However, not being that technically minded, I had a few problems applying the program. Undeterred, I e-mailed Zelek, and was very patiently and courteously helped to sort it all out.

    I am delighted to say that the program worked perfectly, and I now have all my photos back onto the computer.

    What a brilliant product, and what amazing service. Thank you so much!"

  • "After I got home last night, I went ahead and purchased the Photo Liberator software from your website.

    I have to say that I had my doubts as to whether or not it would work. I am glad to report that the software worked pretty much flawlessly. I had no trouble downloading the software to my computer, and the software immediately commenced the process of copying the photos from my ipod to the external hard drive connected to my PC. The copying process took all night (since we have 3,000+ photos), and when I woke up this morning, all of the photos were stored on the external hard drive.

    I had thought all of our family photos were irretrievably lost, so it's a major relief that I found your software and was able to get our family memories back!"

    -Jonathan, Newtown, Pennsylvania
  • "I have just recovered my photo library from my old iPod and as a result I now have some treasured photo's back ... what a wonderfully simple device the Photo Liberator is!!!!

    Many Thanks!"

  • "Thank you so much! By the way, the software worked great!!! I am very happy :)

    I lost my hard drive in a basement flood. I had 5 months worth of pictures that weren't saved, but were on my iPod. Naturally the people at the Apple store said they were gone for good. I was so happy (but nervous!) when I found your website. I just did a Google search, read the reviews and kind of took a leap of faith. I can't thank you enough!!!

    I will definitely recommend your software in the future!!!"

  • "I am an Apple technician and I purchased your software yesterday because I was desperate.

    A customer's hard drive had crashed, without any backup, and she desperately wanted her pictures recovered.

    After wasting far too much time scouring the 'net for instructions on recovering pictures from an iPod Touch, I found your product.

    It worked as advertised. I am happy, and so is my customer!

    Thank you for a fine product!"

    -Jim, iStore Tech
  • "Great Product!!!!, I was in a bind with my hard drive going down about a month ago. I lost everything that wasn't on my ipod(over 600 pics.) Jared and the Zelek people are great, and I would recommend theier software to anyone, Thanks for all your help!!"

    -Nathan, South Dakota
  • "My local Apple store recommended your software. I am so happy they did! After losing all of my personal photos on my computer, I was lucky enough to have had a set on my iPhone. I wasn't able to upload from my iPhone to my desktop the traditional way through iTunes so I desperately needed the assistance of a third party service. I'm very satisfied with your service and your website was very user friendly as well. I will definitely recommend Zelek Software!!"

    -Mia, Pequannock, New Jersey
  • "Thank you SO much! Your program is amazing, and now I know you have the customer service to match.

    I knew there was a reason I recommend Ringy Dingy to all my friends with iPhones!"

    -Dan, Columbus, Ohio